Training in depth psychology-based psychotherapy

The focus of depth psychology treatment is on personality development and life history, as current conflicts are reflected here. The treatment of the current neurotic conflict situation and the associated symptoms is carried out taking into account the relationship constellation between patient and therapist.

Methodical focus
The methodological focus of our training is oriented towards the psychodynamic methods of psychoanalytic self-psychology (Heinz Kohut), analytical psychology (C.G. Jung) and Erich Fromm’s neopsychoanalysis. Creativity-oriented methods are also used. For example, the contemplation or visualisation of a picture, a story, a fairy tale or a symbol can support the verbalisation of the contents of the experience. This creates an opportunity for relief (catharsis). A creative dynamic is promoted. Daydreaming techniques such as catathyme imagery (H. Leuner), active imagination (C.G. Jung) and working with symbols are also helpful. Multimodal art therapy and hypnotherapeutic methods in the context of trauma therapy are also taken into account.

State-recognised training
The Psychotherapy Training Institute at SFU Berlin offers a fully comprehensive psychotherapy training in the sense of the “scientist-practitioner model”. The training is based on the implementation regulations of the Psychotherapists Act according to §8. The training institute is a member of the “Deutsche Fachgesellschaft für tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Psychotherapie/Psychodynamische Psychotherapie (DFT) e.V.” (German Association for Deep Psychological Psychotherapy/Psychodynamic Psychotherapy).

4 core areas

  • External internship
    (800 hours)
  • Theoretical training
    (700 hours)
  • Practical training: patient treatment
    (600 hours), supervision (150 hours)
  • Self-awareness: reflection on therapeutic action
    (150 hours)

In addition: taking medical histories, case discussions and literature study
(800 hours)
Total: 4,200 hours

The training is offered in German. Detailed information is available on our German page

* Becoming a psychoanalyst: the detailed curriculum for the PA training, such as the organisation and the teaching and control analyst list for the specialisation in analytical psychotherapy, can be requested separately. The training places are limited and will only be given to those who have completed the PT training in depth psychology at SFU Berlin.